Terms and Conditions

Transaction Confirmation

  • Please take the time to check the details of your transaction before confirming and finalizing the purchase of your Talofa Voucher. Once the transaction is confirmed, the voucher will be issued according to details you have entered as per:
    • Name of Customer in Samoa receiving the Talofa Voucher (name needs to match an ID or shop owner in Samoa can verify that the person redeeming the voucher is the right person)
    • Mobile Number of the Customer in Samoa receiving the Talofa Voucher
    • Name of Shop in Samoa to redeem the Talofa Voucher
  • Pacific40 will not be responsible for Talofa Vouchers that cannot be redeemed due to wrong name details entered by customer purchasing the voucher or the wrong mobile number the Talofa Voucher confirmation was sent to.
  • Pacific40 will assess all customer enquiries regarding non redemption of vouchers due to wrong details entered by customer who purchased the voucher before any consideration of reimbursement of amount paid for the voucher minus transaction fees.
  • Foreign exchange rates are subject to change daily based on market fluctuations

Talofa Voucher Redemption

  • The customer purchasing the Talofa Voucher will select the shop in Samoa that the receiver of the Talofa Voucher will redeem the Talofa Voucher. The receiver of the Talofa Voucher in Samoa cannot choose any shop to redeem the voucher but will go to the shop outlined in the text message received on their phone or as communicated by the person who purchased the voucher.
  • The Talofa Voucher must be redeemed to its full value at the shop selected by the customer who purchased the voucher and cannot be exchanged for cash. Any partial redemption of the Talofa Voucher is at the discretion of the shop owner and not Pacific40 and its partners.
  • The Talofa Voucher can only be redeemed by the person whose name is appearing on the text message received on the mobile phone as confirmation of the Talofa Voucher transaction. The Talofa Voucher recipient in Samoa should be able to provide details below when requested by the shop attendant:
    • Name of person receiving the voucher & show ID if they have one
    • Phone number of person receiving the voucher & show text message received on phone as confirmation
    • Talofa Voucher ID number
    • Name of person who sent the voucher
  • Once Talofa Voucher details confirmation is completed by shop attendant then recipient of voucher will sign the Talofa Voucher log book to complete voucher redemption process before shopping can be done.